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  1. Check in after 2.30pm and check out before 11.30am for check in before 2.30pm or check out after 11.30am.
    one day charge.
  2. Guests wishing to extend their slay beyond the date given while checking in, are kindly asked to inform us 3 daysin advance.
  3.  Extension of stay will be ensured subject to room availability
  4. Guests wishing to check out earlier are kindly requested to inform us 5 days in advance, otherwise will be charged for 5 days. Early check out will result in charge in rate + cancellation fee of Rs 10,000.
  5. Reservation / confirmation will be done upon the receipt of the deposit of Rs 20.000/USD 150 per apartment.
  6. Rental to be paid before check in.
  7. Cost of electricity (calculated based on the actual meter reading i.e usage at the rate of Rs.50 / USD 5 per unit) and any damages to be deducted from the Deposit at the time of Check out.
  8. Tenant is not allowed to share the apartment more than the no of persons indicated as above. Minimum number of Visitors allowed at a given time is four excluding the above no of guest staying in the apartment. Non- guests are not allowed in the Apartment after 9.30pm.
  9. The Apartment staff shall respond to any problems or complaints regarding our services, equipment or the
    cleanliness on our earliest
  10. No Pets allowed.
  11. While taking over of house keys tenant needs to check the items in the apartment before handover in the same
    condition at the time of vacating the apartment.
  12. Not permitted to carry out any repairs/modifications to the apartment or any item in the apartment.
  13. Guests are expected to keep all the equipment and furniture in their rooms free from damage.
  14. Any damage should be reported to our reception immediately after it becomes apparent.
  15. Guests shall be liable for any damage or loss of any equipment or furniture in the rooms up to the cost of repair
  16. Guests and other individuals using the apartment services are asked to make sure their conduct should not
    disturb other guests.
  17. Guests are expected to lock their rooms properly to prevent access of third parties. Upon leaving their rooms
    guests must close and lock the doors, windows and switch off all the electric items such as AC, TV etc. We shall
    not be responsible for any lost or left back items.
  18. In case of any emergency, tenant is required to call security guard on ground floor and the following numbers:
    Babu 0773 540632. Rifky 0773 434 431We may refuse our services to individuals who violate any of the above rules, and not refund the rental or
    deposit. Failure to check out on the date agree be charged USD100 per day